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Lighting Projects are in 3elamp's DNA because the company was established to cover the full demand of engineering companies and lighting installers in order to receive, from one only supplier, all the LED lamps for relamping projects or LED luminaries for new installations or full fixture replacing.

From 2009, and also to fulfill the demands of our customers, the company has an stable catalogue that can be used both for projects and retail.

Everybody who is involved in light projects or lighting's sales will find always 3elamp as a solution provider. Our aim is to nurture long time relations and excellent partnership with our customers providing always the product that most accurately fits on each project or request.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find it useful and inspiring for your business and we'll be pleased to receive your inquiries and comments.

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Why waste energy if you can enjoy even better ilumination thanks to LED technology?

Money is not all in life. But squander it has no meaning; if you feel that you have enough money, better donate it for a good cause than at your energy supplier, don't you think so?


But if your money matters, please, do not forget how energy saving will produce a great impact on the environment, the health of all community members, the quality of life of your's and next generations, the oil import...


LED lighting is all about this: save energy and all the consequences that these savings imply.

LM-80 IP65 luminaries













3elamp’s new Series of IP65 luminaires for ceiling and wall have an aluminium body that is also used as a heat sink.


Powered with original Samsung LED and Meanwell driver to ensure an excellent performance and durability. The wide range of designs, sizes and wattages offers you total adaptation of your project to any ambience.

Our solutions are always designed to meet the highest standards of quality, safety and respect to health and environment.

Global Cases

Bank Headquarters in Europe
Oil Refinery in China
Paddle Court in Europe
Japan Fishing Area
Mine in South Africa
Metro Station in Europe

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